Entire Electrical | NZ-made eco-friendly electrical products

NZ-made eco-friendly electrical products

We believe in using quality products from reputable brands. We’re also big on eco-friendly, green products and being owner operators ourselves, aim to support other local businesses, buying New Zealand made whenever possible.

With all new house wiring jobs we offer a client meeting including a ‘Walkthrough’ to get an idea of a solution that will meet your needs, and can help you with:

The basics

Getting suitable lighting and plugs in the right place is vital. We can advise you on your different lighting options, to ensure that your home looks good, works well and is energy efficient, plus we use Vynco switches and lights, a NZ owned and operated company.

Heat pumps and air conditioning

Heat pumps and air conditioning

We are agents for Fujitsu heat pumps and can take care of everything from scoping requirements to installation, to make sure your house is cool in summer and cosy, warm in winter.

Home ventilation systems

Options include a range of home ventilations products, including balanced pressure heat recovery systems from Smooth-Air NZ, designed to protect homes from condensation.

Home security and automation

Options include the eco-friendly Econx systems. 100% NZ-made for NZ homes, they allow you to create the perfect environment, control your power usage and maximize your energy savings.

As certified security alarm system installers, we can provide added peace of mind with video intercoms and electronic locks to keep your home and family safe.

Home security and automation