Renovations and Maintenance/Servicing

Entire Commercial Electrical is a new division of Entire Electrical that offers a broad range of business and management services you can trust. We provide repairs, installations, maintenance, top service, equipment, materials, and most importantly, a solution for all of your electrical needs.

Our experienced electricians can handle even the most intricate or demanding commercial projects. You need a commercial electrician who can fix the problem effectively, ensure that it doesn’t return, and get you back in business, fast.

Entire Electrical Team
Solutions Focused Electrical Services

Some of our specialist services include

  • Thermal imagery (insurance requirement for many commercial buildings)
  • Appliance tool tagging (commercial building site's require this every three months) We can set up builders on our software to allow us to ring and book them in so they dont forget and to track / itemise their itinerary of tools
  • Emergency lighting design and install (including PS,3 and 4)
  • Fully commercial design and build packages

Some of our maintenance services include

  • Heat pump installations / annual service
  • Lighting upgrades
  • Spa pool wiring
  • Property maintenance / inspections
  • House rewires
  • Switchboard upgrades
  • Heat transfer systems / ventilation to older homes (ie bathrooms and range hoods)
  • Full home Warranty of fitness check (extremely useful if your buying a older home)

Our fully licensed team of electrical contractors work with businesses in all sorts of industries. Offices, retail, hospitality – no matter what industry you work in, our electrical service company can help.

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